The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski

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In this video, syndicated gaming writer, John Grochowski, gives details on the five best bets that can be made in craps. Some of the topics covered include: buy bets, place bets, come and don’t come bets, pass and don’t pass bets; free odds bets; and more!

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The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski

10 thoughts on “The Five Best Bets in the Game of Craps with Syndicated Gambling Writer John Grochowski

  1. If I knew the shooter might be a controlled shooter who played pass line, their skill might be good enough for me to go pass line plus full odds.

  2. I find betting on stock options and stock options strategies to be most similar to craps. Kind of a random roll on both but trying to always bet to win 3 by risking a loss of 1. Taking every step u can to minimize house edge.

  3. The Odds bet is the second best bet at the craps table. What's the best bet you ask. A Dealer Bet. Show your dealers some love everyone.

  4. The odds bet can NOT be made without a Pass line bet SO it is not the best bet. It is a Two-part bet. Because you only get paid on the odds and your pass line bet is paid at EVEN money. You receive more on your place bets because you receive place bet odds on the WHOLE bet. Ex Point is 5 or 9 bet 10 take 10 odds you win 25 ( 10 plus 15 odds) BUT if you place it for 20 you win 28. $3.00 more on the same number with the same amount of money bet. ROI for the pass line/odds bet is 133.33% and odds for the place ber is 140%. 140% is HIGHER than 133.33% The come bet is one of the worse bets. You have to roll the number twice, once to go to the number and another time win and THEN you have to take that bet down Just DUMB. We are comparing number to number and even amount of money bet. ( Yes you win on the 7& 11 BUT you lose on the 2,3,12 so you only have 4 ways to win on the come out) PLACE YOUR BETS AND NEVER NEVER NEVER bet the come. Good luck at the Tables. Garrison Las Vegas. P.S. When you get to $25-$30 BUY the 4,5,9,&10 it pays even more even with the 5% vig. For more information on how to play & WIN go to "Garrison Craps" & Garrison Dice sets" on u-tube. Just type it on the top of this page. Good luck at the tables. Garrison in Las Vegas.

  5. my favorite craps bet is the hit em all. It pays 175:1. Yes its hard but I've seen it happen twice in AC at the same table

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