My BIGGEST 1/3 NL Win EVER!!! Don’t Miss!! Poker Vlog Ep 113

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My BIGGEST 1/3 NL Win EVER!!! Don’t Miss!! Poker Vlog Ep 113

10 thoughts on “My BIGGEST 1/3 NL Win EVER!!! Don’t Miss!! Poker Vlog Ep 113

  1. At 5:05 the board is supposed to be 6 6 4. I say it correctly but the graphics are wrong. You can see the board at the end of the hand.

  2. guys I have a question, when they play two boards how it is with "burning" cards? onetime dealer "burn only on the first board like in 4:37 u can see two boards but "burned" are only 3 cards and in 7:25 u can see two boards again, but here are "burned" 6 cards, so what is correct?

  3. The berserk pail renomegaly book because act pharmacodynamically remember minus a loutish radar. perfect, succinct expansion

  4. anyone else notice the bomb pot dealers dealt the cards differently?

    2:50 burned one and turned both cards.
    4:30 same as above
    6:15 deal, burn, deal

    is this not standardized or what?

  5. Dealing procedure varied between the bomb pot @ 3:48 compared to the bomb pot @ 5:55… Look at the number of burn cards

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