Online Poker Tournament: Early Stage Poker Tournament Strategy

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This hand is from online poker tournament, and I would like to hear from you about your tournament poker strategy. It is early stage of poker tournament. What is your line? This #HelloAlec is coming from my reader Faisal.
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Online Poker Tournament: Early Stage Poker Tournament Strategy

10 thoughts on “Online Poker Tournament: Early Stage Poker Tournament Strategy

  1. Fold pre flop. Fold on the flop. When you make it to the turn and the villain makes another small bet, that screams blocking bet with a draw. Re-raise big here. Maybe 600 or 700 to make it a bad play for him to chase the draw. But, since you didn't do that, on to the river… He checks, you should bet small. Maybe 1/3 to 1/2 the pot. 1 because you want to be called by a lesser hand and 2, because you don't want to be forced to call a check raise that obviously has you beat.

  2. Easy lay down pre in this stage of the tourney. Could of check raised flop or turn. As played river bet does not accomplish much. A smaller 1/3 sized bet is better for your entire range in this spot.

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  4. i would have liked your video if it weren't for that stupid loveing robot voice. two thumbs down. BOOOO

  5. This is a terrible hand, and it all happened, because you played KT. A hand like KT usually flop top pair weak kicker or 2. pair as here. This means, that if someone bets, you have no idea, if you are behind to another made hand or ahead of a draw. In this situation where Villain bet really small, you are just calling, because you are unsure about your hand. Which mean that you let him play the hand on his own terms rather than yours. Imagine that you had AK or AQ here. Then you would confidently raise his undersized flop bet and put in another healthy bet on the turn really charging his draws. If he call, he still suck out on you on the river, and he still stack you. But you win much more from him, when he miss his draws. Actually if someone play this way ONLY with draws, and you have a read on that, then you should raise with any made hand, when you face his silly little blocker bet, and fold without hesitation, if the draw completes.

  6. My initial problem here is the call on the turn. if he is on a flush draw, you should be raising this to make him pay to hit..

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