Bonus streak play Pt 1: Getting Hot-Toledo Ohio

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Bonus streak play Pt 1: Getting Hot-Toledo Ohio

10 thoughts on “Bonus streak play Pt 1: Getting Hot-Toledo Ohio

  1. Great video my friend, sometimes the cards just don't work in our favor, as long as we can play even and go home with as little loss as possible, it's been a good day then 😀

  2. This game, bonus, dbl bonus , dbl dbl bonus and deuces quarters – dollars are my games. Stay with what you know.

  3. There’s a Hot Dog place called Rudy’s in Toledo is so good! I’m from the South but I think the North has better food!

  4. Wow, your mental goals are commendable, Royals? Think big, win big, mindset of a true Video Poker Player…🤣

  5. I hit 4 deuces on .50 cent denom today….unfortunately it came after some tough sessions….BUT it did feel good to finally hit them and put me slightly above even 😂

  6. I am sure it is just dumb luck, but lately if I get a hand that is KJ or KQ or even KQJ all off suit, I pick the card that I feel has been coming up the most or the card with the fewest suits on board and I have had some success. I know it is against the math but fun to mix it up, especially if you are Royal hunting. Can't get the Royal keeping 2 different suits! Good luck brotha!!

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