Poker Strategy: Running a Huge Bluff as Field Caller

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The caller in this spot flat calls with AJos preflop and decides to attack a favorable board with his light draw. Bart discusses the merits of this play and the composition of the specific hand.

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Poker Strategy: Running a Huge Bluff as Field Caller

6 thoughts on “Poker Strategy: Running a Huge Bluff as Field Caller

  1. I haven’t listened to the call yet but i’d prefer to not have a spade in my hand to bluff this river.

  2. Ambitious. Tough to make bank in live games trying to make people fold overpairs.

  3. saw u on the bike bart. that 3 bet w K10 off and $1000 river call w a wet str8 and flush board was HORRENDOUS. players CHECK turn w Nuts & go 4 big bet on river. How did u fall for that??? i was sure you'd fold. bad 3 bet. lousy call. u need to EXPLAIN ur play there!!! 👎👎

  4. Gotta believe villain had an overpair. Definitely puts him in a tough spot. I know you touched on it but what would you do as villain on river with 2 red queens or kings. Id fold unless its a spewy player the vast majority of the time

  5. There seems to be an inconsistency in logic for this hand (as well as many others) where callers say they called an EP Villain raiser because of their wide opening range, but then after the flop the caller claims to have a range advantage. If the Villain is raising as wide as QJo UTG, then this flop hits their entire range, because surely they are raising all the pairs that have a set, all the suited connectors and the suited gappers that have two pair and they have all the nut straights in their range. Of course they have all the one pair tens because they are raising AT, KT, QT and JT. I admire the aggression, but the logic seems terribly flawed.

  6. Holding the Js isn't too bad it only blocks KsJs and AsJs. Holding the As while amazing if turn or river is a spade significantly worse on this run out. If you polarize and overbet river I would imagine QQ and JJ are his premium catchers probably even better than sets. Not sure a live player will see it that way tho as they never seem to fold sets.

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