REVERSE BLOCKERS! | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 18

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We’re 3 Handed and in an interesting spot against Lucky Chewy where we have to decide whether or not to protect top pair. Also, we discuss blockers and reverse blockers.

0:00 Intro
1:14 Preflop
3:30 3 Bet?
5:09 Flop
7:46 Turn
10:00 Blockers
13:09 River
14:00 Reverse Blockers

The 2023 Super High Roller Bowl was a $300,000 Buy-In event featuring all the killers including Jason Koon, Alex Foxen, Justin Bonomo, Stephen Chidwick, LuckyChewy, Michael Addamo, Isaac Haxton, Nick Petrangelo and more! Stay tuned to the channel for more hands from this “How to Win $3,000,000 in 3 days” series, new videos twice a week! How to play top set.

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REVERSE BLOCKERS! | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 18

10 thoughts on “REVERSE BLOCKERS! | How to WIN $3,000,000 in 3 Days Part 18

  1. This happens to be some of my sticking points right now. felt like you were talking to me directly about my play. love your videos!!!

  2. The 3 on the turn…wouldn’t you suspect he may have a pair of threes in his hand ??

  3. Great explanation of the line.

    But I have a question: the concept of a blocker makes lots of sense when you can "eliminate" a certain RANK of card. But in the case of a SUIT blocker, isn't the probability impact relatively small?

    If I have a J and there are only 3 left, the probability of a J has decreased by 25%.
    If there are two spades on the board, then by me also having a spade the probability of the opponent having another spade goes from 11 to 10 — about a 10% decrease in probability. Please correct my math if I am missing something.

    Isn't it fair to say that all the other factors that lead you to one action over another must be a very very close call for a suit blocker to matter?

  4. I believe my dumb ass could actually learn from him as a coach. He probably charges 10K an hour, so it won't happen, but his explanations of the modern game are magnificent.

  5. I can’t describe how great these videos are. This shows how beautiful poker is.

  6. Well, with one card you are not really "blocking" a lot, even though you reduce the number of possible combinations.
    Good example: once I had KK and the board paired and showed a straight which could have been realized by holding KT. I excluded that my opponent had a boat, which was right. But he hold the KT, even though I was "blocking" the Kings, with the two of those that I hold. Yes, there had been only two kings out, not four – which made it less likely that he had those (together with the ten), but he did, of course. It is less likely, but it is not really "blocked".

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