Small Stakes Winning Strategy Session | NLH

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Lead Instructor Evan from plays 4 tables of small stakes hold’em at Tower Gaming/Cake. In this session we book a tidy profit and introduce some key strategies to succeeding in the lower limits.


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Small Stakes Winning Strategy Session | NLH

10 thoughts on “Small Stakes Winning Strategy Session | NLH

  1. could you explain a little more about your comment "he's got the screenname tell going on"?

  2. What is a good poker room for new players to learn? like realy low stakes low rake and good players?

  3. Hey mate, just a quick question. i would like to know your opinion on small ball and the tactics, also do you recommend going in full stack or just minimum in low stakes?

  4. love your comment when analogy of the KJ at 22:20.  You're face a raise, should you call or fold, but since you like the decided to 3 bet….he is more scared of your hand now out of possible and you can power away.  Thanks for the new added tip!!

  5. @28:33 –> IF he has pair w/ spade draw you have the best equity by 3:1 Even if he has flush+OESD you have 2:1 win odds. I get that stacking off with TPTK bad so I'll assume the fold is within the whole re-raising range which still seems to me to be +EV

  6. This free lesson , be thank full and don't be a an guy and say u don't like his voice ,just leave!

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