10 thoughts on “Squeeze Play The Poker Show Episode 3 – Online Poker Texas Holdem Weekly Talk Show

  1. i'm feeling like i'm able to move from 4 tabling to 5 at this point; but on carbon/sportsbook when you bring up 5 tables, there's a lot of table space not being used. I don't just mean the space left for a 6th table. I mean space that that isn't being used. like the tables could be bigger.

  2. I think you're right. he was just trying to pick up the pot there. maybe. I think i'm calling there all day.

  3. Thanks for watching! I agree also now, I would play it different now.

  4. Yes, but if you looked at the congressional lines on the matter… also, if you looked at the website for the Rep candidate for the presidential election he was against regulation of online poker.

  5. Yeah, non of the software is as good as the start and FTP software, you just need to re-size them manually if you can't use the tile table functionality.

  6. yeah, It's like the tile function works properly, yet it leaves some extra room. and I only have a small pc…lol. i'm gonna try and manually place the tables, though that never really seems to work without overlapping to some degree.

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