TCH Live Poker $2/$5 NL Hold’em w/ @BetOnDrew @Next Gen Poker, @Poker Bunny Jon Pardy, Rob Gardner

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A very special Monday TCH Live $2/$5 NL Hold’em cash game streamstream from Dallas, TX with Bet On Drew, Big Brother Canada’s Jonathan Pardy, Rob Gardner, Next Gen Poker, Greg Potter, and Poker Bunny.

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@BetOnDrew @Next Gen Poker @Poker Bunny

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High Stake Poker with players like JD, SkyDiver Scott. Special Guests like Next Gen Poker, Lex O Poker, Andrew Neeme and Brad Owen all in poker

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TCH Live Poker $2/$5 NL Hold’em w/ @BetOnDrew @Next Gen Poker, @Poker Bunny Jon Pardy, Rob Gardner

10 thoughts on “TCH Live Poker $2/$5 NL Hold’em w/ @BetOnDrew @Next Gen Poker, @Poker Bunny Jon Pardy, Rob Gardner

  1. One of the worst 2/5 games I've ever seen. Skill is lost and and bunch of nobodies pretending to know how to play poker.

  2. I'm watching this stream again, and I have to say it's funny how out of place Poker Bunny looks. She looks unhappy because she's not the center of attention, and if I'm being brutally honest she looks, well…cheap and trashy. The stream was a LOT of fun as usual. Still looking forward to giving a bad beat to DadTalking and Frankie and Rosey and Jello on 12Dec…=)

  3. Too funny the people in the comments. This is what a normal poker game is like. I suppose for something being streamed as entertainment I understand we want to see some more fireworks, but this is a pretty good representation for sessions I've played live before.

  4. Never seen someone play poker in a bra – first time for everything – does she know the camera is right above her looking down her “shirt”

  5. Love TCH – don’t know if there is a market for live stream “average” stakes bc obv the average person could just go play these stakes so it has very little novelty, that being said, the high stakes game streams are the nuts

  6. Poker influencers ? Is that even a thing
    Texas poker is super loose and splashy. Nothing but pure gambling I need to move there and play some 2-5. Would make a million in a few months 😂
    The commentator called poker bunny a pro. Hahahaha. If she’s the definition of a pro my grandma is Justin bonomo

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