5 thoughts on “1st Place $690 Win – $30 Buy-in Online MTT Texas Holdem Poker Tournament on Ignition Poker NLHE

  1. That 8 on the river was brutal. I find that this happens suspiciously often on Ignition, particularly in big pots.

  2. You have massive timing tells, and why would you EVER fold and show? Stop giving so much information to your opponent even if you won they just didn't do a good job.

  3. i would try to get value off these pocket hands people will fold to often let them hit a pair so they can throw money in your pot and your playing way to tight .

  4. I am on the east coast grinding. That 8 on the river 4 handed was really bad play. I think the play should have happened on the preflop not the flop on AJJ because for utg to call 7BB after the BB calls, he will be connected to the flop more often than not. Either you 4 bet all in on top which might let utg to fold sometimes due to icm value(meaning more money). All in on AJJ was horrible move considering villains equity factor. You got it in with 8 percent chance and you got it. Know thats really loveing damn lucky then you are good.

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