10 thoughts on “Beating Low-Stakes 9-Man SNGs with Collin Moshman (Part 1)

  1. Great video! I always end up bubbling with 4-5 players left. Any tips to know the push/fold spots?

  2. I think that using nash to assign ranges to opponents is very bad practice, especialy in low buyin games.
    What makes people bad at those levels is that call way too much.
    At 15:00 for example, people will call a lot looser than 3,5% hands.
    Another thing is that people usually don't push that loose in those tournaments, so 23% pushing range of cutoff is also incorrect in my opinion. (again at 15:00).
    I think it's close to impossible to learn how to beat micro/low stakes with Icmizer using automatic hand ranges, imho ranges have to be adjusted manually.

  3. Looking forward to seeing more content with Collin. Always liked his videos and live sessions on pokerstrategy (which unfortunately is not accessible anymore in Germany) the most!

  4. You seem to be playing much wider ranges than from what I remember is recommended in your book.

  5. 4:01 there is an ante in play and hero folded an ace!!! Huge leak in tons of micro stakes players is not defending enough, especially with an ante. I'd defend hands as weak as 75o 43o.

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