How to Play A-K POSTFLOP!

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I find A-K on a 9-8-2-J board. While many players have a difficult time playing A-K, if you correctly figure out if you have a premium made hand, marginal made hand, or junk and then play accordingly, you will rarely make a mistake.

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How to Play A-K POSTFLOP!

10 thoughts on “How to Play A-K POSTFLOP!

  1. "..We get AK on the button, What more do we want in life?"..

    – To actually hit the flop & make nuts by the turn.. lol, with the fish barrelling away to glorytown of Burnington.

  2. The 6max charts on pokercoaching suggest the sb should 3b or fold preflop and that range would be quite strong. The fact this sb only called suggests their range is quite weak imo.

  3. Why do you want to teach? Because it makes you look smart or you make a lot of money teaching

  4. Capped buy in poker and people teaching guys how to play has ruined cash games virtually everywhere

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