Use 3-Bets to CRUSH Cash Games!

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In this webinar, I go over How to Play 3-Bet Pots in Cash Games! You will learn:
– The differences between cash games and tournaments
– Implementable GTO Preflop Ranges
– Optimal 3-Bet Sizes
– Key Exploits
– Post-Flop Play Through In-Depth Hand Examples

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Use 3-Bets to CRUSH Cash Games!

10 thoughts on “Use 3-Bets to CRUSH Cash Games!

  1. Jonathan is a Hero, just found his poker coaching site plus this channel and this is amazing, really looking forward to meet Jonathan through coaching session asap! Thank you!

  2. On the 78 of diamonds example, wouldn’t you just fold preflop if villain is usually very aggressive postflop? 45:00

  3. so is it safe to say that, at 45:20 – the end of the hand, its reasonable to suspect he bets on a Queen, but since he checked the turn, its unlikely that he has the Q?

  4. Dear Jonathan, I have a question about this topic: In your cash game masterclass you tell us to call sometimes (Let's use for example from the CO against LJ), but in this video you say we should 3-bet if we want to play our hands from the CO against the LJ. Can you please explain this?

  5. Hey Jonathan, love Poker Coaching implementable charts. Wondering, the 'vs 3bet' (4bet situations) charts for 6-max cash are not included in the 'online-6max cash game' charts on poker coaching. Would you know if there is any plan on sharing those in the near future?

  6. Wow I've got so much work to do. I've just been 4-betting with 10,10 and J,J and folding 99 and 88. I also never fold AQo or KQo unless their is another caller. Gosh, so many leaks!

  7. Came here to fix my leaks in 3-bet pots this is where I loose the most of my money especially OOP or when I miss the flop but I hate folding. I'll learn

  8. I play a lot of 6max because there is less positions less charts to remember less situations so I can learn those 6 positions first, more hands played also, etc. Is this a good way to learn? I feel like my swings are much bigger now and I'm not as profitable.

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