8 thoughts on “BACCARAT | 3-1 PATTERN | 1000 PESOS BUY IN | 100% PROFIT

  1. present po 💓
    Zerrro Ninnne Onnne Fivvvee
    Eigghtt Niinnnee Zeeroo Treee
    Fiiive Eiight Fouuurr

  2. Thanks sa pag share po idol
    na appreciate ko po yung effort nyo sa video na ito.

    Siru Nayn Nayn Payb Wan Nayn Sebin Aeyth Trii Aeyth Siks

  3. 1000pesos strategy per day is the best way. no escalera no chi no shi no he does not work permanently. only follow main pattern po. do not hub table wait like a lion for proper time to hunt bro

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