Kevin and Keith on the Tactical Baccarat Seminar Biloxi MS April 29th 2023

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Here is the Agenda Outline We renamed the Seminar to the “Tactical Baccarat Summit in Biloxi, Mississippi

Start 10AM – 5PM

1. Action – all new Betting and Money management

2. Basic of Derived roads

a. In-depth explanations of how they are formulated

b. Implementation of the information to the game strategy

i. Who – Who came up with them and why

ii. What – What do they mean

iii. Where – Where are they and where to use them

iv. When – When do they appear

v. Why – should we use them

vi. How – to win using them

3. Tips and Tricks – 10 Bets with the addition of Action and Derived Roads Strategy

a. Copy of 10 Best Bets Booklet Provided ( bring yours if you have one already) and also additions of updated Derived Roads Strategy and ACTION slides

4. Please submit any topics or ideas you want to discuss in advance.

5. Baccarat Drivers Test

6. Play Session 7PM – 10PM

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Kevin and Keith on the Tactical Baccarat Seminar Biloxi MS April 29th 2023

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