Brad Owen Makes A HUGE ERROR!

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Popular poker vlogger Brad Owen finds himself in a rough spot during a cash game at the Bellagio Poker room in Las Vegas.

Some poker players worry about getting check raised when they decide to bet with their flush draws. Generally in poker cash games you should be sitting deep enough that calling a check raise with a flush draw is still profitable. Be aware that the expected value of a call reduces the smaller the stack to pot ratio is.

This poker hand itself seems to be a fairly standard one until Brad realizes his huge mistake on the river; he folded the nuts!

In this $5/$10 cash game at the Bellagio poker room in Las Vegas, Brad Owen raises to $30 from under the gun (UTG). The Villain in this hand defends from the big blind. The flop comes Qs 7h 4s and after the big blind checks Brad decides to bet $40 and the big blind calls.

The turn comes the 8c, and the big blind checks again. This time, Brad decides to check behind. The river card is Jh, and the big blind now decides to lead out for an almost pot sized bet. Brad decides to fold. Brad only realizes his huge mistake when he returns to editing the poker vlog!

Although Brad reveals his actual hand of T9ss at the end of the hand, he admits that he had misread his hand and thought he had a stronger holding. Overall, this poker hand showcases the importance of careful hand reading and being very present at the poker table. A good poker tip is to always double check your cards before making your final decision to fold!

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Brad Owen Makes A HUGE ERROR!

10 thoughts on “Brad Owen Makes A HUGE ERROR!

  1. Do you think you have ever mucked the winning hand? 🤔

  2. Whenever I wake up from slumber and announce "all-in" as a knee-jerk reaction, I know it's time to stop.

  3. I don’t know if I ever mucked the winning hand, but it’s likely. I was playing someone all in on the flop, I announced and showed KK. He shows QQ to the guy next to him and mucks. Never flipped his cards and didn’t realize a Q made a straight. Board was 8-9-10-J-x. I felt lucky.

  4. I did this very recently in a big tournament, I hit a backdoor straight and mucked at showdown after my opponent tabled… By the time I remembered what I had my cards were in the muck just before the dealer took the other guys cards. I didn't wanna do anything drastic to show what a blunder I made so I just sat there frozen for about a minute…

  5. We were playing 2/5 the other night. Guy has over $1k towards end of the night. Said he was up a bit and was stacking chips in racks and playing out of a rack. He had pocket 3s in a AA3 flop for full house. Gets raised on turn. He shoves and gets called by quad A's…

    He loses everything and said "I should've just folded, this was my last hand".

    Moral of the story is you have to pick a time to leave, or it can potentially bite you, however this is an extreme cooler situation.

  6. I haven't mucked a winner but I did call an All-in with a mis-remembered hand. I had K9 suited, As 7s jc – 4s – 2h comes. he all ins and i instant jam with the nut flush, except i didn't have the nut fluch, i had K9h and thought I had K9s. Was only about a 150$ eq mistake but it was still really dumb. I now check my hand every time before closing action in big spots.

  7. That one time I misremembered my hand by doing the Robbie (thought having the last hand), that last hand of course would have been the nuts on the next table, so I busted out of a small side event of 100€… 😶‍🌫️

  8. I mucked a straight flush on the river playing 20-40 limit.
    Flopped the straight with j10 diamonds on a 9-Q-K two spade board.
    Betting capped on the flop 5 ways.
    Turn Q, I check raised, still 5 ways.
    River K, and with the board double paired I folded, simply focused on the double paired board.
    Before folding though I showed my hand to Chau who fell right out of his seat.

  9. When I find myself saying, 'oh, just one more hand then I'm finished' leave without playing that hand.

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