Massive Baccarat Hit

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another winner on the baccarat table

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Massive Baccarat Hit

8 thoughts on “Massive Baccarat Hit

  1. Baccarat means "bankruptcy". Anyone who plays this game is going to lose. Watched my friend lose $60K last night, which is better than usual. He plays two to three times a week but normally buys in for $90K so last night he got off cheaply. At least that's what he says.
    I watch people play this game many, many hours a week, dozens and dozens of people for very high stakes. NO ONE WINS.
    I watched a guy lose $250K-$350K almost every night for two straight months. I watched two guys through a glass wall playing $450K a hand. EVERYONE LOSES.
    I watched a guy lose $5.5 Million in half a shoe. NO ONE WINS.
    Anyone who is up over a brief period loses it all back and more. Thinking you or anyone else can win money from a casino, at all, is the foolishness of a small, naive child.

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