[[New 75% Winner]] The 3-And-Out Baccarat Betting System by Panther – Recommended by Lisa W.

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Hi BrunsonFX Family! Lisa W. recommended that I check out a system created by an aggressive gambler named Panther. It’s called ‘The Three And Out’ System. It works 75% of the time to win at least 10% in short-game. It loses at least 25% of the time and one session loss can equal all your wins, so be careful with this!

This is NOT our system, and we stake no claims. Just testing it.

Let us know what you think! More to come soon…

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[[New 75% Winner]] The 3-And-Out Baccarat Betting System by Panther – Recommended by Lisa W.

10 thoughts on “[[New 75% Winner]] The 3-And-Out Baccarat Betting System by Panther – Recommended by Lisa W.

  1. Thank you for sharing your ingenious techniques. We are all deserving of prosperity. These casinos need to eventually go out of business by people that invest in them! The physical dimension is truly the weakest so manifesting money from higher dimensions intensively before going to the casino helped me a lot in the past.

  2. Hi guys I am a subscriber And thank you all the videos I had to comment on this one because I seen something that didn't follow the rules. First of all you preach the 10 percent and to stay strict to it which on the last session you didn't. Second the game called for you to win 3 chips if i'm not mistaken which you did win but you did not get up and start the game over. So technically you won 4 of 4 and this was 100 percent system if the rules were followed to a T. I would like to see this system retested if you have time a busted the correct way. Hope you guys arent mad about this comment. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Hey Brunson! Thanks for trying the system. You were supposed to stop while you were ahead… You kept playing even though you won 3 units on that last session. What happened to winning and getting out the casino has fast as possible? LOL! 😂

  4. For the record, I am the Panther. Staying til you bust out is exactly the point of hit and run. Once you get the 3 units, you are done. There is no staying. No trying to disprove. Yes, there will be losses. But of you play consistently and disciplined, you will win. Thanks for the feedback and posting my system.

  5. Brunson i love ur channel. Can you review my system. I will give it to you 4 free. I won 2 weeks of online tournament and I will help others

  6. I will give you my system here :

    1. I use positive progression. Up 1 u when I win ( for the double bets i use special trigger )

    2. Target +4. SL -5

    So cut the crap, let's begin.

    Basically, i reconstruct to what happen on the shoes i play.

    For example BBBBBBBPBBPB, if you notice, cokroach layout appears for the first time. It is blue dot.

    So i reconstruct it.

    Download baccarat scoreboard by gamespring. It is free.

    So i start to enter the cokroach result which is P then so on.

    When Bigeye appears and forms second liner, just follow the cokroach ( the reconstruct one ). If it jumps, you have to bet jump. If it goes down, then bet down.

    Try it. That is the system i use everyday n with it i also beat all online players ( iam talking about the tournament )

    If you have questions, you can email me :


    C ya!

  7. Encouraging first test of 10 sessions in practice. Went 9W-1L 90% win rate.
    Time to increase my testing data 🙂

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