You Can’t Make a Living playing Baccarat

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Inside this video, you will find the answer that most gamblers have when it comes to their jobs, and whether or not just play at the casino for a living

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You Can’t Make a Living playing Baccarat

10 thoughts on “You Can’t Make a Living playing Baccarat

  1. My Channel there're thousands of people who live out playing at the casino, I'm one of them. The way I see it, it's just like the people who trade stocks or does Forex or Cryptocurrency, they do not have a degree or went to school for that, but took upon themselves to learn and to prepare before they could make a living out of it, so we give people the knowledge and the tools to make it in this world, but discipline and self-control it's all on the student side.

  2. Ahung A don't focus on past losses, that's history. Your main focus should be on learning and preparing your strategy, and your future profit sessions will kill any previous losses that you might occur in the past.

  3. We play the Jay Silva drinking game everytime Jay says check this out we drink this is the 3rd time watching the video we cant get all the way through!!! lol Love you Jay keep up the great work!!

  4. CryptoMikey, hope you're not playing the drinking game while playing Baccarat at the casino, good luck and thanks for the comment.

  5. Happy New Year Jay and crew. I read all the casinos that have baccarat and look forward to traveling May our dreams come true…

  6. Hey Jay! Great Videos! Any chance of release Panacea Tko to test it out? This will allow us who really are on the edge to see if any of these systems work and then look to work with you on your latest systems, just a thought. Anyway a Happy New Year to you and keep up the great videos.

  7. Hello Jay. Happy New Year! lol I purchased from you last YR the New and improved BACCARATKO Formula. Last night I started to read it again and I
    want to know if you can tell me how can I get the simulator game that you used in this video here on YouTube, and also what online casino can we go to practice with demo account and also to play for real, can you recommend a few? Thank you very much for your help on these steps Jay. I am Diego from USA and Colombia. All the best Friend !!

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