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Black Jack Strategy Online Blackjack

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  3. how do you eat fish that raise from 10 to a hundred? If I would study on playing poker with 90 to 100% commitment, is it possible to become a killer in the game? I thought I was good, for instance, and bought in for 50 euro's, played some poker and it was gone… If you know what to do with poker, can you really make nice money? Like I mean to ask if there is a science behind it like with blackjack…

  4. There is no science behind black jack. Here's proof. Go to any casino in las vegas and sit down at a black jack table. The dealer will tell you exactly what to do or should i say what "the book" says. In poker you're playing against people not that house. There's strategy involved that gives you an edge over opponents who plays for fun. Blackjack is luck just like craps and any other game to where you're playing against the house.

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  6. Interesting method for playing online!

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