[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Small Inversions + 10 Times + Is It A Winner or A Loser?

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What’s up YouTube and BFX Fam?

Welcome back to another 1 Read Only series, where we test out this little known hack symbol that can flip, either way, called the Small Inversion. We go hard at this with 10 bets and in the end…

You tell me, is it a real money Baccarat strategy WINNER or LOSER?

Massive shout out to my BFXU Moderators at BFXGaming.com, and a BIG HOMIE hug and shout out to my boy Steve “SBW” who donated $50 out of gratitude tonight for the wisdom gained here.

YOU ARE THE MAN! Stay tuned until next time…


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[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Small Inversions + 10 Times + Is It A Winner or A Loser?

10 thoughts on “[1 Read Only Series] Baccarat Strategies: Small Inversions + 10 Times + Is It A Winner or A Loser?

  1. How can this get any thumbs down! BFX way is legit, this is coming from someone who has been playing real money just like Brunson and I'm making constant profit. Come join BFXU and see how much better life is in our community. 2020 is going to be even better with BFX elite! #CASHFLOW

  2. Enjoyed all the work you have done and understand every hand you perform as I understand Baccarat's encompassing nature. Played for seven years. Lived in Vegas for four which doesn't qualify for anything. Won some tournaments and outrageous amounts of money and lost the same. You are probably younger than me I believe but I think I could show you something that no one else seems to talk about in all my research. I have not alway been lucky but I've been intuitive for a the right reasons. The first night I played in Las Vegas I made $25090–and that was intuitive but I remember what I did. I know that's not a lot compared to now but I did very well for several years. I would love to speak with you about baccarat by email only if you wanted it's the best subject–nothing else. You said you are in Colorado, if you are ever in Vegas or East coast give a shout out–there are not enough of us who can talk about it together.I have some remarkable people in Las Vegas who have taught me many things. And again thank you for your most amazing videos as I have seen your professionalism always grow!!

    Sincerely and Good Spirits,

    Brenda Carlton
    Advanced Player since 2011

  3. Brunson thanks for your great video. This system help me a lot with my discipline for my day trade. Thanks a lot

  4. this is for the new player that are wondering… what the hell are those other stats on the bottom of the chart. the O, solid circle and the slash. those are actually pattern… just like the fx triple threat is a pattern. they do not represent player or banker but represent pattern that are streaking. and they also show the future stats of what the chart will look like if player or banker hit next… ill give a quick detail…. the blue hollow circle represent "2 down 1 across 2 down etc… for either banker or player and will streak if this pattern hit. the hollow red circle is more dynamic… it could represent all kind of thing depending on what is streaking… it could represent 2down 2down 2down etc… or 3down 3down 3down etc… or chop chop chop etc.. or player or banker streaking down etc… good luck all

  5. oh mr brunson love your vids can you make a video on how to play baccarat ? is it worth it to play in real cassinos?

  6. Brunson thanks for the shout out small inversion is were its at a nice to tool to have in your box if you no what I mean. I want to give you a shout out for all you have done for me. For all of you watching this video this is where I started out I was searching the web for Baccarat strategies and found BrunsonFX YouTubes watched them all I liked what I saw soon I couldn't stop watching them they made sense. I then started practicing everything I had watched then went to the casino and played without money made the bets in my head to see if it would work and it did. After a few weeks of not betting I started with small bet hit my win stop and I was gone. I then joined the BFXU Family and that made things even better I thought I learned a lot from these videos to find out this is just the tip of the iceberg the knowledge that I gained and the game play was beyond my belief. I just got back from my local casino in an hour and a half I was out the door with $400 #CASHFLOW . Thanks to you Brunson you turned me from a loser gambler to a TOP SHELF PRO PLAYER thanks for everything you are a MASTER PRO PLAYER.

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