EZ Baccarat Winning PANDA BONUS – Using the Panda Chase Strategy

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Introducing a Simple Breakdown of 3 Slide Scoreboards. Each one different from the next. Explaining how the Panda Chase Strategy would be used and WORK, to maximize your profits when playing EZ Baccarat and chasing those animal bonuses! A Disciplined Strategy helps to minimize losses, and have a lot of fun analyzing and observing shoes before placing your bets! I hope you enjoy, please comment if I can clarify anything. I’ll be posting more content regularly. Stay Tuned! Thanks for watching!

Gamble Responsibly and at your own Risk!

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EZ Baccarat Winning PANDA BONUS – Using the Panda Chase Strategy

8 thoughts on “EZ Baccarat Winning PANDA BONUS – Using the Panda Chase Strategy

  1. Cool man. Like a podcast for Baccarat. We should collab with like a challenge for Baccarat Nation and Mike the Gambling guy. We should all start with the same bankroll online and see who can make the most in say three shoes for example, or something like that. Maybe not a competition, just all of us trying to beat the casino

  2. it would be nice if you and Baccarat Funk link up with the card counting to see if you find the Dragon and Panda. nice video as always

  3. Great seeing your vids again!
    That scoreboard your using, what app are you using?
    Have you used card counting to gain advantage play winning on the Dragon and Panda.

    Also Ive noticed Ties happening after three 9's hitting consecutively, have you noticed this.

  4. I just subbed thanks for your hard work.. would you mind sharing where you work?? Or at least in what state ??

  5. Hey man! Lets build a baccarat community. A lot of us small guys are up and coming and I think some of our channels are about to snowball and explode. I'd love to talk with you in whatever way works best for you either through a messaging app like WhatsApp or even a phone call or zoom or WebEx. If you like the material perhaps I could be a guest on your show if that is something you have considered. I really like your approach to engaging with the baccarat community this way through a podcast style channel. I think you're doing a phenomenal job and I'd like to see if it's possible for us to track together in some way. Where we both are hitting in the same review areas. I'm happy to analyze your pen to chase theory. I haven't gotten after it because I've been busy with my style of play. Thanks for the great work.

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