Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?

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Is it possible to count cards at live dealer online blackjack games from the comforts of your own home? Colin breaks down what is needed to effectively use card counting, as well as the math behind playing online blackjack vs real casinos.

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Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?

10 thoughts on “Can You Count Cards At Online Blackjack?

  1. I might consider an online casino (particularly Bovada) if I could buy in and get paid in Bitcoin. Then I'd partner with my friend in another city over the phone to tell them when to jump into the game and bet max, since online casinos don't let you watch more than 2 rounds of blackjack inactive before blocking off gaming footage.

  2. Colin, what if people just want to play for fun? I get that you teach professional blackjack but if people just like playing blackjack and don't have a land based casino near them…$1/hr is better than -$1/hr. It's concerning though that such a large bankroll would be required to make it a positive game. What would the effect of just playing positive running counts be? Also maybe using a really high level complex count(since you can write stuff down or use a computer if needed which you can't do in a real casino)?

  3. Also ne Leute das Video schön und gut, aber falls ihr echte Automaten Manipulation sehen wollt, mit denen Ihr Spielautomaten wirklich manipulieren könnt, dann sucht mal in Google nach Martin Beckers Tricks für Casinos. Da geht die Post ab, das ist megakrass!

  4. What about PokerStars Classic Blackjack? It’s 8 deck, S17 DAS, not live, just me and the dealer.

  5. I have count cards online casino BJ before. Sometimes the running count does goes up to +15 to +18. Table was full when I Lay down 3 seats and bet 1000 each. Dealer bust. End of the hand count dropped to running +4 and I left. Ez 3k profit.

    I always looked for new shoes/1deck discarded. Keep staying behind the screen counting. It does work sometimes if the running count goes up to really high.

    Online casino bj penetrate at 4/8 which is horrible for long run.

    I only can hit and run at tables.
    Good thing is that online casino allows u to keep hop around to watch for opportunities.

    I played on premium suites casino.

    Other platforms hosted by Ezugi or etc will kick u out to the lobby.

    My advice to all sweatpants counter in online bj casino is to be really patient and look for the right opportunity. Let the online players deal the cards and pay rent on the table while you watch behind the screen.

  6. Another reason for them to use 8 decks may be that it is much easier to cheat the players that way. You cannot complain about a card coming out too often, these are 8 decks after all, it could be there, just bad luck. Maybe most of them don't cheat and fear inspections but can you trust all of them all over the world – in Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Malta, Costa Rica… Come on.

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