10 thoughts on “Do Casinos Rig Blackjack? #blackjack #cardcounting #casino #math

  1. Yes, the game is rigged. When the house removes multiple 10 and face cards, it greatly advantages the house.

  2. It’s not rigged. It’s just how the game is. everyone knows the house has an edge and by going first and busting is where the edge is

  3. I agree the house has advantage, which is part of the game at the table. But there is an additional disadvantage when playing blackjack machines. Apparently the computer can rig the outcome (algorithms?). I've noticed a difference when betting larger amount of cash. I usually win when betting small amounts and usually lose when betting $25.00 or more. It is most noticeable with $100.00 bets. Noone seems to discuss their experiences with blackjack machines. Maybe because few casinos have them. 😮

  4. I’m a high limit player, but to say game is “rigged” is laughable lol. Use a better word

  5. I’ve played a lot of blackjack. I learned, you win a lot of money when the dealer busts. End of story. When the dealer makes hands, you better damn well make sure you have 21 so you can push.

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