This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever (part 2) (2018)

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This is a follow up to “This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever”. This video explains exactly what the tip is. The first video left it to the viewer to determine the tip. Perhaps some people will find a different moral to the story. This is mine. Please share yours in the comments.

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This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever (part 2) (2018)

10 thoughts on “This Might be the Best Blackjack Tip Ever (part 2) (2018)

  1. actually I believe it was $150 because they went back and they didn't pay you because you didn't know that you had that bat it doesn't matter that you didn't know they should have still paid you for it that was the biggest b***** I ever heard of

  2. Where did you get your shoe and cards? I’m looking for a home set up to practice with.

  3. If the dealer paid you extra, now they're going to look a lot closer at your play as well as the dealers, especially with winnings in front of you because they're going to be thinking some kind of inside job.
    The other lesson is casinos have their own interests in mind always, not yours… them double checking "for you" isn't the courtesy to you that they make it out to be. They are in it to make money. While part of that may be an illusion of fairness and occasionally work in your favor they probably are also going to exploit opportunities when they can get away with it.
    Here's a mind bender…. what if the video didn't show what they said it showed?

  4. My tip for you darkstar is to pocket green chips especially at a full table they are hard to track. The use the pocketed chips to buy into the next casino.

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