The BAD LUCK ENDED! The CRAZY Blackjack Run Began!!

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Back at Hard Rock Hollywood ready for another shoe.

We continued from @LadyLuckHQ ‘s birthday weekend and finally the bad luck ended and the crazy blackjack run began!

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The BAD LUCK ENDED! The CRAZY Blackjack Run Began!!

10 thoughts on “The BAD LUCK ENDED! The CRAZY Blackjack Run Began!!

  1. I'm with LadyLuck on the adding up. I play Black Jack and it takes me a minute to count it (if the dealer isn't vocal to call it out).

  2. Not checked in with your Black Jack sessions in a while…apologies for that Miran…this was a great session with a little bit of everything…how Black Jack should be played…calm…fun…and a profit hell yeah…

  3. Don't feel insulted, you are much pleasant and relax playing this game instead of the other dude!

    BTW, where is Pablo, Jessica, and Nicole? Did you know why the other guy quit playing over there?

  4. I know it’s up to him and not hating but if stopped tipping so much and stopped doing the match dealer bets which the odds are so against you he would be performing better meaning not losing as much of his bank roll

  5. You Oughta try talking to you audience because they're the ones that I'm watching you that YouTube is paying you for

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