You WONT Believe THIS BlackJack Session !!

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Do Not Gamble. You WILL Lose.

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You WONT Believe THIS BlackJack Session !!

10 thoughts on “You WONT Believe THIS BlackJack Session !!

  1. Hey whatsup. I am subscribed for a while to your channel. However due to seeing now that exposure actually still on a low level fuels the addiction I have to stop watching. I really though that just watching other people do it would help me, but it doesn't.

    I have been gambling since I am 18 (now 32) and I think I probably lost around 10k. Maybe not as huge as the horror stories you might read up online, but I am facing reality I have to say goodbye to it. So still want to wish you good luck and I hope your channel grows!

    I really needed to write this off me and I hope it inspires other people as well.

    All good bro!

  2. Have to tell you this – I'm interested in loads of YT stuff, politics, culture etc. But your videos are just so funny and addictive. Keep coming back. Cody is pure gold. You have excellent narrative skills and the voice to go with it – you should consider getting into sports commentary, I'm serious. Keep it up, and thanks for reminding the kids that gambling is a BAD idea.

  3. Awesome comeback Cody! His luck changed when the dealer changed! Excellent video Kyle along with the commentary! Robert /:-)

  4. Hi, everybody
    Because of the casino, I owe $1,000.
    Who can help with the money.
    At least 10-20 dollars.
    Thanks everyone.
    I can prove my debts

  5. This one was from like three weeks ago. I know because I was in the comments and watched this one live

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