6 thoughts on “Craps!!! The BONE TRACKER

  1. Awesome, you are using a great tracking tool. You will notice so much more about how your skill is developing.

  2. I like the system to keep track of your rolls. Can’t wait for the results here in the next few weeks.

  3. nothing meaningful before 36 rolls… its supposed to go through all 36 possible outcomes of a random roller and compare you to him/her ( politically correct here)
    honestly though a few hundred rolls would give you a better idea… i am looking at your stats now… 55 rolls.. go to 72 ( multiples of 36) to get a better idea… then send me the results and i ll interpret them for you bro !

  4. apparently your best set is wait for it… 4/2 3/6 with maximum SRR of 11 and maximum inside numbers 34 maximum across 43 and maximum outside numbers 32 🙂 but still early days….

    i would be scared to have the 4and 3 on top

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