How To Practice Craps At Home

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On this video we discuss how you can practice the game of craps at home!

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How To Practice Craps At Home

2 thoughts on “How To Practice Craps At Home

  1. I love the vids. Can you show some actual throws? 8-12 throws to show the area to throw to. Also to show that the grips and dice sets are working. Keep up the good work

  2. I have been playing dice about twice a month for years. I watch (you) some times. I listen to you as i practice my hour a day and you guys are my heros and i don't care who else says bad . I listen to you as i practice daily. I have been practicing for about three weeks on dice set using 3v – 2v set, hard way set and come out 7 set. I started to practice and now i can throw into my homemade dice box from about 7.5 feet away and just threw 28 times in roll before 7 out . I am going to the casino in about a week or so . I know it's not always going to be a win win. but i have a better strat against the casino . PLUS its not my first time or rodeo. WISH me LUCK. THANK YOU FOR ALL THE VIDEOS YOU DO every little bit helps to learn and adjust your strategy against the house. Keep the videos coming for new ways to level the ODDS & WIN it works.

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