10 thoughts on “7 Will Not Hurt You Anymore by Doing This! Craps Strategy

  1. I like this one. At 6:02 you hit a yo. That covered all your come bets. IMO, that would have been a good place to either stop the progression or restart it at $5. Chasing could prove expensive on a long roll.

  2. Capping the come bet at $500 is probably a great idea. there's a situation where you can get a bunch of of them up on the table and lose big though. This is not for the faint of heart.

  3. I studied this strategy a few months ago. The outcomes are similar to a martingale system. Most of the time player will win small amounts (few to several hundred). A small portion of the time, player will be completely wiped out for tens of thousands of dollars. The biggest problem with this strategy is table limits. Just like the martingale. High risk for little reward.

  4. i use this strat personally but like what happened 3 minutes in, those craps hurt bad when it happens but those 11s help alot when u got like $60 come bet

  5. good strategy, but at the 21 minutes,too much money on the table, you should have all recovered and left with a 5 dollar pass line.
    I will try tomorrow in my casino with the craps bubble machine

  6. Nice strategy but you have to have a bankroll and know when to leave when you are up. I also think 🤔 once you get up in the high number range start protecting your come bet

  7. Another fun one with a good chance to win. I like it! Keep the crazy thoughts rolling!

  8. Been testing this and so far so good. I modified it so that the Come bet covers all bets on the table and once my Come bet gets to around $1000 and it goes to a number, I quit the Come bets and then do lay bets against all the money on each number (i.e., I go completely neutral and pay the vig on the lay bets)…roll it out to a 7 and start over. So far so good. I think the only way it will get crushed is if the Come bets get big and then there are several 2/3/12 rolled consecutively at the higher bets….but, the 2/3/12 do get offset by the occasional 11 on the bigger Come bets. Total minimum bankroll is about $5000 and it definitely will not work on bubble craps.

  9. I think this was an incredible system if you’re good at keeping track of, what you’ve got on-board to lose. I’m not that Math or 🎲 🎲 savvy enough. I’d cringe 😬 at the really BIG Bankroll 💰 you’d need. NOT A CRAZY😜 SYSTEM. It’s GENIUS🧐

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