Aggressive Iron Cross Craps Variation | Crossbow

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The Crossbow craps strategy is an aggressive variation of the iron cross by John at ProCraps His theory is if you are going to use the iron cross, be aggressive with it for just a few rolls, then convert over to a different strategy. Let’s see how it works out.

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Aggressive Iron Cross Craps Variation | Crossbow

10 thoughts on “Aggressive Iron Cross Craps Variation | Crossbow

  1. With most of the shooters at the casino I normally play at – you don't dare do this. Nice strategy though, but I would get killed using it, even on my roll!

  2. I love the iron cross and played it a ton. Finally I decided just to invest a little bit more and play across along with the C AND E. More money at risk but win more on 5,6 and 8 since you don't have to minus the field loss. Now I still play the iron cross when others are shooting sometimes but I always use it to cover the rest of the place bets and work my way out of the iron cross to cover every place bet number and then add the c and e.

  3. Keep them coming Jeremy. Enjoy the time and effort you put into the videos. Yeah it is a curse of the YouTube video for stats… but still entertaining nonetheless! I thought you lost more than showing at the end, so that’s a positive!

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