ATS. Any seven and the tower craps strategy

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Ok I’m not perfect not even close. Missed on of the any sevens so I came out a little less then $1300 profit lol On a good note let me know how the new microphone. Sounds in the comments.

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ATS. Any seven and the tower craps strategy

9 thoughts on “ATS. Any seven and the tower craps strategy

  1. When it comes to the last point to be 6 or 8, instead of hedging it with "7's"
    Hedge it with "NO" (6) SIX for $350 to win $300 or $600 to win $500 and increase your place vets to cover your hedge, and place bets becomes "ATM"
    Anyway you are guaranteed to win the SMALL for $150, and ALL for $750 respectively if it sevens out.
    Put it this way, if it sevens out without "HEDGE", you lose all your BETS without the chance to win either $300 or $500.
    If point (6) SIX was made you are guaranteed $900.00 win as "ALL TALL and SMALL was achieved.
    Just looking for a guaranteed win, That's all.
    "GOOD LUCK" Hedge to Win man from Vegas.

  2. Hey Crappy, I had to pause to ask why you would not lay the 6, your last number to get the small and all. If I added correctly you stand to win $900. What about a no 6 for Say $490 to win $420 on the lay minus vig or $480 on the 6?

  3. good job on the ATS you have more balls than me I would have hedged it to guarantee at least $400 when it came down to the last number… you were in a great position to hedge the 6 by playing a big lay bet on the 6 to cover the small and all bets… great job either way brother

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