Double Trouble Craps Strategy

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Have you every wonder what if I was to Martingale in the game of Craps and find out the results? Will a Martingale system work, stay tune and you will see. I prefer a flat bet system but for this subscriber, he will answer your question about the Martingale system.

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Double Trouble Craps Strategy

3 thoughts on “Double Trouble Craps Strategy

  1. Not a Fan of Any type or variety of the Martingale ! Over the last year or so, my main focus has been utilizing
    MEL from Craps Hawaii's
    EASY $? Denomination, using a Marching Soldier to close out the Roll * My 2nd Strategy I really like, which helps to keep your Bankroll
    Alive during a Run of Quick 7 outs,
    Is A Strategy Rick from Color UP
    Did a video on, a Strategy Suggested by a Subscriber ! Surviving the SHORT ROLL * As a Shooter, I like to modify the System, using the
    Don't Pass from the Get go, and depending on What's happening during the Roll ( Not a Quick 7 out)
    I'll place the Point and hope for the Best ! I'll do this When I make it thru
    The Come Bet part of the System,
    ( 4 come bets total ) basically looking to Clean up the Come bets,
    (4) and Play out the Hand !
    Depending on what's happening, after the Come bets are Cleaned up,
    I sometimes Make Place bets on 2 inside numbers that are not the Point !
    This is a fun Strategy, and a must See video that will really explain the System, a System that gives Bankroll Protection, early on in the Roll !
    Nice Video as always, Stay Safe ☮️

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