@Hawaii Craps Shooters 24/7 strategy rollout

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Hey guys. Strategy that Bryan from HCS made with me in mind. Go check it out here:

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@Hawaii Craps Shooters 24/7 strategy rollout

10 thoughts on “@Hawaii Craps Shooters 24/7 strategy rollout

  1. Thanks for the video! You can only dodge the 4 for so long! Amazing you only got hit twice with all those 4s! I felt my wallet getting bigger in my pocket watching you roll all those 4&10s 😂😂😂

  2. The only thing I don’t understand about this strategy is why he don’t pick up the 4 or 10 when the point is one of the inside numbers. You are almost covered to do so and if the 4 or 10 do hit it’s a great pay out. Just a thought.

  3. I agree with you Greg on the 12. I actually wouldn’t even do the 11 since there are 3 ways to hit a 2 or 3 and 2 ways to hit an 11 since you’ve hedged the 7. This hedge is all rearranging deck chairs on the titanic. An unhedged DP is 8/11 to lose while a 4 hedge is 5/8. Not enough of a % difference for all the risk. I would do a $25 or $30 DP then full odds to hedge the 110 post point. The. Remove the odds after 3 hits and place the point for $30.

  4. Good morning Greg. Thanks for the rollout. I have improved the 24/7 in following videos and also scaled it down to a $40 Dont pass. What I had added is a 5 count before coming up on the box numbers that way you can capitalize on the DP pay out first. It turned out to be profitable adjustment.

  5. Greg why would you do this to Brian.You know with a little creative editing you could have gotten out of this pickle.HaHaHaPeace

  6. is this hcs ''go to '' strat…………………..i like ////// only goood math strats on 555 channel…………'the ''no malarky '' channel for craps on da tube

  7. Hey Greg. Unbelievable that many 4s came up.. not normal of course but it does happen. Thanks for the rollout

  8. Putting that dollar on the 12 would cover the money on the 11. You should have lost your 10 dollars when you rolled the 12.

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