Plugging holes in the 6,7,8 “Can’t Lose” Craps Strategy

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One of the biggest holes in the 6,7,8 “Can’t Lose” strategy is the come out 7. In this video I try to plug that hole by shifting the risk from the six ways to roll the 7 to the three ways to roll a 4. There are still some holes I am looking to plug please post any suggestions in the comments below.

The opinions in this video are not guaranteed or warranty to produce any particular result. This video is for informational and entertainment purposes only. I am a novice play and produce these videos to spread my love of the game.
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Plugging holes in the 6,7,8 “Can’t Lose” Craps Strategy

10 thoughts on “Plugging holes in the 6,7,8 “Can’t Lose” Craps Strategy

  1. Something's not right here brother! You should've won twice this much! You only lost the don't pass one time and you won it back! You hit a ton of 56&8s for 21$ winners!

  2. I like the idea of Laying the 4. But it always burns me. Other than that, I do love this overall strategy. I play it often without the Lay 4. Maybe it’s time to revisit the Lay 4 component and give it another whirl.

  3. To limit risk would it work to start with a DP $15 bet and $30 lay 4? If the point hits then you put $30 in odds on the DP so you have the $40 on the DP and then $18 each in the 6 and 8. And if you want maybe only play the odds on the DP if the point is 4 or 10. The only down side is if a craps hits but you also protect from a big hit on the 4 and a hit on the 11.

  4. Just a comment. If you’re point is 5 or 9, and you hit 6&8 twice, quickly, I put $35 on the point to cover my DP bet.

  5. Great video!!!: Only thing I would add Is press my 6&8 to 30 bucks each and also maybe remove my DC after 3 wins or place the number for the same amount.
    reason if its a good roll going on I would then start placing the other numbers for 10 dollars each from the 35 I get off the 6&8 racking 25 making.
    this is probably a whole different strategy .

  6. Would you consider this a good strategy for say a beginner craps player?

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