Q Absolute Best Craps Strategy!/Monacout Craps

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Amazing strategy to win money at casino, make sure to play at high max bet table just in case if using 10k bankroll strategy
After first loss
100 any 7/200 field
2nd loss
200 any seven/200field
300any seven then increase by 100 after each consecutive loss of course if you win any point start at beginning again

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Q Absolute Best Craps Strategy!/Monacout Craps

6 thoughts on “Q Absolute Best Craps Strategy!/Monacout Craps

  1. If you hit a six or eight and get down to the point where you bet 200 on Big Red and Martingale by increasing your bet by 100 each consecutive roll and have 9750 in your bankroll where you make the first 200 bet, you can go 12 rolls with the final bet being 1300. At this point you would be left with 750 dollars and be down 9250. Beginning at 200 and raising it by 100 gets you to the final 1300 bet in 12 rolls and totals 9000 dollars. Played 12 games using the same app, AwCraps, quit each time when up 500 and won 11 times in a row. Up 5500. On the 12th game went 12 times in a row without hitting a seven which left me with 750 dollars and a 9250 loss. Net loss of 3750 over 12 games. I think a viable option could be that if you get down half your bankroll to start back at 200 again and start the Martingale process again and try to just win back your bankroll and cut losses. Seems like a fun, easy strategy to play as long as you are not getting near that 12th roll without a 7 where you lose pretty much everything.

  2. I could be wrong…….. But, On a 4 to 1 bet (Any 7), you can only martingale +1 for 5 rolls, you must then start increasing the martingale value

    This is how I martingale a 4to1 bet 1,2,3,4,5,6,8,10,13,17,22,28,36,46,59,75,95,120,150,188 (20 levels) granted I increase to allow more win the further it goes, however it looks like you're going to max out at about 23-25 rolls for your 10K bankroll.

    But I can't think of a better number to Martingale than the 1 roll that hits "every 6-7 rolls". Welcome to the dark side 🙂

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