What GTO Poker Players Get Wrong (w/ Uri Peleg)

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High stakes poker pro and coach Uri Peleg joins Doug Polk to talk about exploitative poker strategy, the problems with GTO and solvers, and his new course on Upswing Poker.

Get the details on Uri’s new course Elite Cash Game Exploits: https://upswingpoker.com/elite-cash-game-exploits/

0:00 Intro
3:02 Uri joins
6:21 RTA in high stakes
19:30 Ghosting and other ways to cheat
33:28 Exploitative strategy
49:42 Why deviate from GTO?
54:25 Analyzing Doug’s hand history
1:06:46 Uri’s Upswing course
1:16:15 Where solvers are wrong, Splitting sizes
1:26:55 HUD’s
1:33:30 Leveling wars, Timing tells
1:40:20 Course rundown, Outro

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What GTO Poker Players Get Wrong (w/ Uri Peleg)

10 thoughts on “What GTO Poker Players Get Wrong (w/ Uri Peleg)

  1. Thanks for this episode, Doug, lot's to think about! Uri's cool af, 100% I'm taking his class!

    This ain't spam lol I got Nicky P's tourny class, and not only is it worth every cent, Nick is a mf'k monster

  2. Tournaments were always "the thing" in MTG … but now that I think of it, we could have been playing for $1 – $1 a game or match up to $100 or even $1,000 per game, what would be the eq of heads up live poker.

  3. This is a rly good pod. As a highstakes player (Former NLHU) now plo I can say I'm very impressed by the depth of this free content.

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