Craps strategy one don’t and go part 2

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Craps strategy one don’t and go part 2

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy one don’t and go part 2

  1. Love it. Great video. Must be nice to have a 400 house payment. Lol

  2. I really like all your strategies, But I think if you put more time on aiming your set dice for the come area right about the ten mark with a soft non spin, practice the feel for the force to reach the back wall, I believe you can bring a more real representation of how good your strategies are. I have a few dice sets I practice with pretty good out comes but really poor betting strategies but thanks to you I am wrapping my head around that.

  3. Thanks Jacob, this illustrates that even strategies that are often successful can devastate a bankroll if you stick with them even when they are spiralling. This is where a player with access to a toolbox full of alternative ideas can grind their way back if they have the discipline to switch strategies before they are wiped out. Please keep the ideas rolling.

  4. The positive is your comps would be great at the casino. Over 40 years probability of when I should win has gone to the curb. On the dark side when I count on an easy win — i am guaranteed (almost) to lose. This is one I will try out under casino conditions when I can. Keep the videos and ideas coming.

  5. Jacob, like the other poster said, a dice set is meaningless unless you grip (can't see) and the toss and landing are correct. Hitting the wall high like you are randomizes any set you are using. It's all about keeping them both on axis to the maximum extent possible.

  6. Far too risky! You have to usually hit four numbers before the seven to profit and while that does happen, losses can mount up rapidly while waiting on a series of numbers to hit.

  7. If u want to learn to dice set my advice is to not listen to any "feedback" on your grip, set, or throw. Just go to casino and shoot. Pick a grip, choose a set, and choose a place to stand at table. Throw a set while trying to get a consistent throw and landing spot. C what number comes up on a quite regular basis. That will b the set u use if u want to roll that number. Example some people complain they 7 out all the time when they use the hardway set. That is not a problem that is now the set u use if u want a seven. With this u do not need any feedback u will have your own unique throw that works for u. It will take some time and some will never b able to. I just tell people I can't bowl or shoot pool worth a damn but this is what I can do and thankfully makes me money. Good luck.

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