10 thoughts on “How to Play Craps and Win Part 6: Betting Hardways and Winning Big

  1. if the table minimum is $5. does that also apply to the hardways? ie. can i drop my 5min on pass, but drop a 1 on one of the hardways?

  2. `Derek.. ,Slip of the tongue there. 8 FOR 1 or say 10 FOR 1 is not the same as 8 TO 1 or 10 TO 1 etc.

  3. some Casinos in NY/PA do not even have hardway bets. Turning Stone in NY pays 30:1 on Hardways (one time bet) and 7:1 on 6 and 8 Hard if playing multi-bet, 9:1 on 4s and 10s multi-bet.

  4. I think you mean if you had simply put a 1 dollar wager on the hard ten then you would get eight but if you have a 5 dollar bet then you get 40

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