$14,000 WYNN CHAMPIONSHIP! $3.5 MILLION Prize Pool! | Poker Vlog #456

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$14,000 WYNN CHAMPIONSHIP! $3.5 MILLION Prize Pool! | Poker Vlog #456

9 thoughts on “$14,000 WYNN CHAMPIONSHIP! $3.5 MILLION Prize Pool! | Poker Vlog #456

  1. LOL, stop punting your stack off in 2 mins like some virgin on prom night. You seem to be more interested in creating drama and trying to make a good video than playing decent poker, we are your fans and fans of poker, not stupidity.

  2. Maybe you should go back to cash games. I hate seeing you lose. I've watched a ton of your videos and its helped my game play alot. Thanks for your videos.

  3. Your videos are are always so entertaining. LFG rampage. That QQ was for sure a tilting hand. Keep up the good work.

  4. Bad luck, mate. One thing I've noticed is you don't seem to consider what cards your opponent might have in that position – you generally play based on what you have, not what you could/should have. That means you're opponent becomes Lady Luck as you are just relying on flips. Cheers. Aussie Tim

  5. Damn…got to learn to cut your losses and know when you aren't in the zone…also, showing up on time is a thing…

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