[2023] 5NL POKER CASH STRATEGY – stop barreling!!!

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I dropped from 50NL to 5NL to teach you how to beat these fish.

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6max https://spookypoker.com/upswing-6max-chart
Full ring https://spookypoker.com/preflop-chart

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0:00 Intro
1:22 5 NL Overview
3:04 Game Selection
4:50 Beating 5NL Zoom
5:20 Preflop Charts
7:10 3-betting
9:13 Post-Flop Strategy (exploits)
11:20 Blinds Strategy
15:06 Outro

Source: YouTube

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[2023] 5NL POKER CASH STRATEGY – stop barreling!!!

8 thoughts on “[2023] 5NL POKER CASH STRATEGY – stop barreling!!!

  1. Hey man I’ve only recently found you but really love what post. Keep up the great work. Hopefully you’re not taking too much of my money as I’m on ignition also!

  2. I love your videos, as a competitive gamer with no poker knowledge your channel has really helped.

    I like your "meta" tips, everything that you can do to maximize results before you even touch the cards.

    I literally have no clue how to play poker lol, yet I've been winning pretty good so far thanks to a lot of your videos.

    Pokertracker also helps a lot lmao. I'll be a pro in no time!

  3. Also, completely unrelated to this video.. but in some of your live poker footage, I saw you playing bomb pots. Have you found over the long run these games are more or less profitable?

  4. Hey 10 NL is a bit harder than how you described 5NL, on Global poker at least. But I agree that there are good and bad player types among all stakes. Great video. ⚡️

  5. Preflop charts. I dont believe is nessecerlly true. Hands You talking about have mostly OEV. They gain EV when villain is aggressive on certain boards

  6. Secondly, it doesnt matter how often your opponent is folding to the jum. What actually matter is how your range wants to play.

  7. 1:45 Hey it's me!
    How are you sizing your value bets at 5NL? Obviously it's super dependent on hand/board/villain, but if you've got top pair on a dry board and are value betting three (?) streets against a random, roughly how are you sizing as they call down?

  8. I like your videos man keep it up! I like to start a session after this video particularly as part of my warmup routine. I try to integrate your tips for x and y situations.

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