How to Adjust to Sticky Poker Players

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Learning how to adjust to poker players who call too much starts with finding out how sticky they are and adjusting from there. Let’s have poker pro Phil Galfond explain the concept in more detail!

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There are different ways to exploit poker players who call too much, it really depends on the type of ‘sticky’ player they are.

Some poker players call too much on early streets but fold the river without a strong hand. Some players call the river too much. Some players call too much on early streets and also on the river!

If you know they call early streets but fold rivers, these players are great to start attacking with low equity bluffs across multiple streets because they get to the river with a weaker range.

Some players might call the river a lot, your adjustment here can be pretty easy and obvious to a thinking player but still be well rewarded vs the majority: you value bet more often and thinner and, if they’re always calling the river, you can drop all of your bluffs because they are just losing money.

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at pot limit omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

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How to Adjust to Sticky Poker Players

6 thoughts on “How to Adjust to Sticky Poker Players

  1. But how do you know your opponent is always going to be calling too much and won't adjust, especially from one session to another? Wont you be the one making a mistake if they learn and start folding more and you're still never bluffing? How can you re evaluate your opponents playing style in less than a session and then modify yours to that and be sure its right? I find even when I see weakness in players they tend to get better pretty quick, humans are learning machines and unless you're playing the very lowest stakes everyone is trying to learn and improve for the most part, even rec players

  2. Phil, you really helped me understand strategies alot but the best advice I got from you is understanding different types of tilting. When I tilt I forget range or strategy and instead wait for good looking hands to gamble it all with. Which works less than 50% of the time. This video is really great bc you remind me to value thinner against these sticky players. Bluffing sticky players or tilty players is close to impossible.

  3. so its not enough you took 10,000,000+$ from poker, you have to continue killing the game from your coaching site as well, not like you don't have enough money as it is??

    Go away.

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