3 thoughts on “Low Stakes Poker Strategy: What Do We Do On This River

  1. I am with you all the way with AT, I am also calling down with any ace that I open with. However the weak aces I could be convinced are a little wide.
    . I guess an aggressive player, having been checked to twice, will have too many bluffs making any ace a call. As a side note I wanted to thank you for the number of times you reply to my posts. I never expect a response, but always nice that you do.

  2. So, once again I'm twisted by a hand and befuddled by "low-stakes" players. Do you give any weight to holding the As? I'd think it makes it less likely he's running a bluff on the spade turn. Also, if we are discounting a lot of villain's technical abilities, doesn't that make it more likely he's flat calling hands he should 3-bet with, like KQ and hands he should fold like 7/5s, weaker Kx that wouldn't bet flop? I'm just so bad at reading what these players are up to and adjusting to them.

  3. On the A T hand, why are you not continuation betting? The line with those calls to the river seems to allow villain to get there with all of his hands.

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