She Is On MEGA TILT After This POKER Hand!! #shorts

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Poker professional Lynne Ji misses her straight draw heads up against fellow poker pro Matt Berkey on Poker After Dark in the PokerGO studio, Las Vegas. Ji then tries to go for a massive river bluff with just eight high and gets immediately snapped off by Berkey’s top two pair. She is furious with herself after making such a costly poker mistake.

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She Is On MEGA TILT After This POKER Hand!! #shorts

10 thoughts on “She Is On MEGA TILT After This POKER Hand!! #shorts

  1. How often do your river bluffs tend to work out? 🤔

    A) Always

    B) Sometimes

    C) I don’t bluff!

  2. Ugh, that look she gave when she got snap-called. I think we all can relate to that feeling.

  3. Berkeys check on the turn, was that a good play? She could have caught her straight no???

  4. Lynn is Pretty and has a very pleasant voice. Her Poker skills, in my opinion, are lacking.

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