10 thoughts on “How to get max value from poker opponents #PokerTips #PokerPlayer #PokerPro #TexasHoldem

  1. The reason why it doesn't make sense in this scenario is because you bet preflop you are closer to the top of your range. If someone called your raise they may be at a higher part of the range as well which means if he's even bothering to call you down, he probably has you beat. The only thing in his mind he probably loses to is AQ, but he ties with KQ and he beats QJ.

  2. I would figure I am behind on the turn pretty easy fold. Actually really easy fold before the flop.

  3. lmao the whole way through im thinking โ€œthis is absolutely everything youโ€™re not supposed to doโ€. Ended up being a good lesson

  4. Lesson One – Never SNAP CALL a re-raise on the flop!
    Lesson Two – Don't play a hand just because nobody would expect you to play those 2 cards.
    Lesson Three – If you do play a bad hand, make sure you flop trips!

  5. I saw this coming lmao itโ€™s hands you shouldnโ€™t play and this sis why you donโ€™t cause that kicker gets kicked lol

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