Tight Aggressive Opponents (TAG) Poker Strategy

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Lead instructor Evan from Gripsed.com discuses the most common strong player type: TAGs or tight aggressive opponents. These players aren’t as loose as LAGs and not as tight as NITs, but are some of the strongest thinking players you will encounter.

Let’s talk about their strengths and weaknesses and good spots to take advantage of their style.


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Tight Aggressive Opponents (TAG) Poker Strategy

10 thoughts on “Tight Aggressive Opponents (TAG) Poker Strategy

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  2. There is two types of TAG, there is the TAG who'll switch to LAG and then back to TAG in order to confuse strong players. This player is the best of the best, and you should avoid playing against them without a strong hand in position. Then there is the TAG fish, who plays by the book; falls into default lines; wrongly applies principles he learned from a book or website, and can't make adjustments when other players start to adapt to his tendencies. 

  3. Hm, it is difficult to pratice playing against good TAGs, because in all the micro and small stakes games, there are none of them.
    I play a strict LAG approach and I have yet to face more than 4 or 5 decent TAGs somewhere at any small online game.

    The only guys (and there are tons of them) with TAGish stats are pure ABC-players with no imagination, hand reading skills and even less balls.

    I have begun to search for tables with those guys, since I find it so easy to play against them, since as soon as you have read one standart poker book, you know what a bad TAG will do in every situation.

    But to my question: Where (at which limit) start the better TAGs to show up? Because I think I should be aware not to move up and get crushed by real TAGs

  4. I was thinking: what if you switched over to playing small cards against TAGS? Wouldn't this be a good a better strategy since most tags are likely only playing face cards, top pairs. If the board flops low you'll have a better chance of hitting two pair, a straight, a full-house and the TAG will likely do a continuation bet with the over-cards.

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