Top 5 Updates to My Own Poker Strategy

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Phil and the Top Five are back this week and it’s a bit of a walk down memory lane! Phil is asked by a viewer what the Top Five amendments he would make to his past poker strategy, which leads to some solid tips and a re-telling of Phil’s most memorable hand at the WSOP!

00:00 Top Five Amendments to Past Poker Strategies
00:31 Continuation Betting Flop Too Often
01:09 3-Betting Too Polarized a Range
02:45 Raising with Hands not Good Enough to Call
03:21 Using Small Bet Sizes
05:22 Game Flow
06:55 (Phil’s Most Memorable Hand, Playing for a Bracelet at the WSOP)
10:14 Bonus! Learning to Trust Reads

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Poker TOP 5: Updates to My Own Poker Strategy
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Top 5 Updates to My Own Poker Strategy

9 thoughts on “Top 5 Updates to My Own Poker Strategy

  1. Top 5 Ways Phil's Strategies Have Changed

    5. Too much c-betting the flop in the past.
    4. Polarized preflop three-betimg in spots where he has no.calls was a big past play.
    3. Three betting too many hands that are not good enough to call is outdated and incorrect.
    2. Using too many small bet sizes. (Small bets are important, esp OOP but Phil used to use them too much).
    1. Using game flow too often in his decisions, in the past.

  2. Interesting to hear. Good to here you're mic is better….Editing note: IMO there's no need for the tiny sharp-cuts that were in the first 5 minutes of the vid….They kind of ruin the…gameflow!

  3. Oh dang that was me!! I used to fall asleep to bluefirepoker videos almost every night like 10 years ago xD . Love that Phil is still making vids!!

  4. The way he describes that hand makes it feel like it was one of the most painful in his poker memory.

  5. Somehow the videos keep getting better! Which is to say, they were already great. Awesome stuff in this one.

  6. Really enjoy your strategy stuff on here your wife's pretty feisty on Twitter we disagreed a few times but I've always been gentlemanly to her as you are

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