Do Not EVER Do THIS at the Poker Table 😱 | Poker Tips For Beginners #shorts

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Top 3 Poker Tips For Beginners To Avoid Looking Like An Idiot At The Poker Table

Poker is a game that has so many facets to playing it successfully. You have to know pot odds, how to read people and patterns, and use math to make sure all your bet sizes and pot control are in check. But one particular set of poker tips for beginners revolves around the UNWRITTEN RULES for poker. These are things you need to avoid to not look like an idiot at the tables.

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Poker videos come in all lengths and sizes. Funny poker moments are best served up as Shorts so you have something to entertain you while waiting for your next poker game From now on, the World Series of Poker YouTube will be bringing you all the content that makes this game truly great…sometimes that includes crazy poker moments, sometimes it includes a big poker hand, and sometimes it includes Phil Hellmuth being Phil Hellmuth. We will be here for all of it.

The WSOP is the only major championship series held each year where the amateurs sit right alongside the pros, and anyone has a chance to begin a poker legend!

The World Series of Poker mints countless new poker millionaires each and every year.

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Do Not EVER Do THIS at the Poker Table 😱 | Poker Tips For Beginners #shorts

6 thoughts on “Do Not EVER Do THIS at the Poker Table 😱 | Poker Tips For Beginners #shorts

  1. Want to avoid looking like an guy at the poker table? Just think what would Martin Kabrhel do? And then do the opposite.

  2. If somebody gets mad over you slow rolling they should’ve thought more it’s a strategy not disrespect

  3. I've been accused of slow rolling after I called the opponent's bet. I still do it anytime I want to see what they were playing, because I paid to see it. Case closed.

  4. Slow rolling from time to time can definitely be a great strategy. So don't listen to that advice. 🙃

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