Fallout 4: Legendary Roulette – Part 10 – Brothers In Arms

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Fallout 4: Legendary Roulette continues, as we dive into some of the oddest quests in the Institute, before finally picking a side and declaring war on the Brotherhood…

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Fanfare for Space, Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Fallout 4: Legendary Roulette – Part 10 – Brothers In Arms

10 thoughts on “Fallout 4: Legendary Roulette – Part 10 – Brothers In Arms

  1. After years of playing Fallout 4 I've come to the realisation that the institute are very much like the British

  2. Now i install 86GB again and wanna play AGAIN with new character…. 😀 maybe finally i will try DLC (190h playtime)

  3. I was kind of expecting Jon to show off how you can do the brotherhood ending that allows you to keep the railroad alive (you do that by turning on the institute when you get the mass fusion quest and never talking to the lance captain after you've finished blind betrayal)

  4. Ayy!!

    I'm guessing You don't remember me so I would prefer to keep it that way.
    All I want to say is that thank You for this play through!!

    Have a Good One, Mate!!

  5. I'm pretty sure you can leap from agitator right to the exit and not have to run around the ramp. Also, as others have mentioned, there's a hazmat suit in the room on your left just before the decontamination room.

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