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My Roulette Strategy – by an ex casino employe:
Hi. I am going to show you a good roulette winning strategy. But wait, this is not a 100% winning strategy, as it does not exist.
It is mathematic, a player can not beat the roulette game on a long time of playing. But myself as an ex casino employe,
I have a personal strategy where I can get some small wins easily, and small losses if I have bad luck.
I am not a gambler, but as I am an ex casino employe, and I worked many years on the gambling industry,
I know that there is no way to beat a casino game like the roulette. But there are some strategies, like the personal one I am going to show you, which is at my own opinion very efficient, and funny.
I just played the roulette game with one color and two dozen, thats all.
Now lets start the explication:
First you need to observe the spinned numbers table, and play the opposite color than the last one, or the last serie shown on the display.
Then apply the same strategy for dozens. Place bets on the two dozen not containing the last spinned number.
By playing this strategy on roulette, I have chances to get some small winnings of 5 and 10 dollars, lots of even with no win and no losses, some small losses of 5 dollars each,
and in case of an unlucky spin, the loss is 15 dollars, the total bets.
Remember that, this strategy must be played on an european roulette, with one single zero,
as if you play this strategy on an american roulette, which has a zero, and a double zero,
then the odds are changed and you can expect that your chances are reduced, as there is an extra number with a guaranteed loss.
as an example, to understand the odds difference between the european and american roulette,
playing red and black colors on an european roulette is not at 50% winning chances, like many peoples can think, but 48.6%, as there is the zero, which is green,
and the roulette table has a total then of 37 numbers, 36 plus the zero.
and on the american roulette, playing red and black colors the odds are 47.37%, as there is the double zero added to the game, which has now a total of 38 numbers.

As I told you, I’m not a gambler, but I’m an ex casino employe, and I worked many years on the gambling industry.
I know that there is no guaranteed ways for winning at the roulette game, it is mathematic.
so by explaining to you this strategy on this video, I can not say that it is a 100% winning strategy, as it does not exist. but it is just a funny and cool way for playing roulette,
with low risk of loosing, and possibilities to win some small amounts, like on the even odds bets, but with, as I can say, a long time playing range,
as usually, no quick total loss happens with such betting system, and it can takes very long to ends up with a total loss by using this strategy, according to my own experience as an ex casino employe.

This is the personal strategy I use if I go sometimes to a land based casino, or if I eventually play in some online gaming clubs.
The purpose of this video is for educational use only, and is not intented to push peoples for playing with a supposed winning strategy.
in one word, I will say, play clever, observe the last spinned numbers shown on the game history display, and again, play clever.
Go for potential low winnings or losses, instead of looking for big winnings with a potential of big losses.
This is a video about a personal strategy to play roulette I just want to share. I hope you have appreciated these explications. Thanks for watching.

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Roulette Strategy by an ex casino employe

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  2. the idea behind it is nice, cover your color bets by betting on the dozens, and hope you don't get shafted by zeros and hits in the uncovered regions. But it's incredibly slow, you will swing back and forth at your starting amount, and get incredibly nervous once you are falling behind. I have not watched the entire video, my bad, but reading from the comments you urged to always bet on the opposite colour? If that is true, then let me correct you, this is really bad advice, it is a surefire way to bankrupt you within minutes once the streaks start rolling. There is just no substitute quite like experience, best gain it by playing live roulette online in cashless practice modes, and after a while you'll know what I mean. One more advice I will share, the odds naturally favour the house because of the zero, it's not a 50/50 if you make 1:1 bets only, thus you play in the casino's hand by consistently making low money bets.

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